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As one of Canada's full-service Inter-Dealer Broker, we stay ahead of market demand. We provide our clients with access to the broadest range of Canadian products within the global marketplace.

Bonds and T-Bills are traded on a completely anonymous basis, while Repos, Foreign Exchange, Derivatives, Inter-Bank and other credit-sensitive products trade on a name give up basis.

Canadian Fixed Income
Federal Government Bonds and Treasury Bills
Crown Agency Bonds
Provincial Government and Treasury Bills
Corporate Bonds
Maple Bonds
Asset Backed Securities
Zero Coupon Bonds
Repurchase Agreements

Canadian Foreign Exchange
Forward Canada Swaps

Short and Medium Term Interest Rate Swaps
Future Rate Agreements
Basis Swaps
Overnight Index Swaps
Interest Rate Options, Straddles, Swaptions and Collars

Inter-Bank Money Market
Canadian and U.S. Dollar Short and Medium Term Deposits

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